Sunday, November 1, 2015

27 / 28

Happy Birthday to me! Another cool thing about Halloween is that when it's over, it's my birthday. As a kid, that's pure awesome — you go from getting a big bag of candy, straight into birthday cake, which ends in a two day sugar bender. (Not literally, of course, but just about!) Can't say I have anything profound to say about turning 28, it doesn't feel any different from 27 yet — but since it's literally just happened, that's to be expected. (I'll slap a 'to be continued...' on this.) 

I just felt like noting it in general because celebrating birthday's isn't really my forte — in fact, I haven't actually celebrated a birthday in 16 years now. My 12th birthday was officially my last "celebrated" one, and from 13 to now, I haven't done a thing for it. The reasons for why are quite personal and deep, so I won't bother getting into that — but I will say that 25 was the first year that I really started to feel like, "me" (if that makes any sense) and since then I've slowly crept back to the idea of actually celebrating. I still won't until 30, because 1) going all these years without doing it, I've grown comfortable with keeping it that way, (not even claiming that's a good thing, it's just what it is) and 2) I'm not really a fuss kind of person; I don't really need a lot of attention, so I feel like openly celebrating certain ones, or "the big ones" is good enough for me. I guess that gives me 2 years to plan something! (Yet another, 'to be continued...'.) 



  1. Your 30th will be super awesome 😉

  2. Amazing post dear! you have a wonderful blog:)
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