Sunday, November 1, 2015

27 / 28

Happy Birthday to me! Another cool thing about Halloween is that when it's over, it's my birthday. As a kid, that's pure awesome — you go from getting a big bag of candy, straight into birthday cake, which ends in a two day sugar bender. (Not literally, of course, but just about!) Can't say I have anything profound to say about turning 28, it doesn't feel any different from 27 yet — but since it's literally just happened, that's to be expected. (I'll slap a 'to be continued...' on this.) 

I just felt like noting it in general because celebrating birthday's isn't really my forte — in fact, I haven't actually celebrated a birthday in 16 years now. My 12th birthday was officially my last "celebrated" one, and from 13 to now, I haven't done a thing for it. The reasons for why are quite personal and deep, so I won't bother getting into that — but I will say that 25 was the first year that I really started to feel like, "me" (if that makes any sense) and since then I've slowly crept back to the idea of actually celebrating. I still won't until 30, because 1) going all these years without doing it, I've grown comfortable with keeping it that way, (not even claiming that's a good thing, it's just what it is) and 2) I'm not really a fuss kind of person; I don't really need a lot of attention, so I feel like openly celebrating certain ones, or "the big ones" is good enough for me. I guess that gives me 2 years to plan something! (Yet another, 'to be continued...'.) 



Whelp, October is officially over. How sad. It's my favorite month of the year, so I do miss it when it's over, and I always feel like it went by waay too fast, but I do also really love November and all the holidays coming up —so! Let me just say goodbye to October properly and move on.

These were all actually taken on Halloween, starting with the first one which was taken just a wee bit before midnight, and ending with the last one that was taken just a wee bit after midnight... OK, I guess they weren't all "technically" taken on Halloween, but close enough! 

The first one is of my little pumpkin shrine that I lit up just before midnight to ring in the holiday. The second one is my costume from this year, which was an unintentionally sad skeleton. (I look very Tim Burton, I think.) The third is of my favorite tree from the season, it's been super orange — so orange that my camera couldn't really even do it justice. It's just stunning. And! the last one is of some Halloween / birthday cupcakes that I got shortly after midnight. 

I could have picked a lot more photos than this, but I feel like these were enough to illustrate the past two weeks; it was basically a lot of Halloween craziness that I enjoyed every second of. 

Here's to November.