Thursday, October 15, 2015


Almost forgot to post this, whoops. A day late is better than never! I think I may switch to once or twice a month after October so I don't forget again. (Life is hectic.) 

First photo — a little Halloween! I sat out a few of my favorite pumpkins, and a few little decorations to brighten up my workspace a bit.

The good weather we had last week luckily carried over into this week as well — sunshine for days! It's starting to get colder now, but I don't really mind that. Any reason to wear a sweater is a good reason in my book.

Carpe diem! w/ fries. I indulged a bit on Sunday and went crazy with french fries. #partyhard

Bookhou! Another Bookhou item to mention. My friend Ashley gave me this bag for my birthday two years ago, and I haven't used another bag since. It's my absolute favorite. ♥ ♥

The Halloween Tree is one of my all time favorite books, and I've had a weird urge to read it lately, so I checked out a local library copy. (I have no idea why I don't own it. I'll have to fix that.)

Skeleton latergram. I posted this on Tuesday, but it's actually a latergram from Halloween 2010. It was late at night and most of my makeup had faded / been rubbed off; I loved doing that makeup. I'll definitely do a skeleton costume again someday.