Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I really love Instagram. It's the only social media I currently care about, and probably will be for quite some time. I like that it's simple and straightforward — there's nothing complicated or cluttered about it, which is really nice in comparison to how tiring I find Facebook to be. I'm not one of those really awesome Instagrammer's who consistently takes beautiful photos, (with seemingly perfect lives behind them) but I do my best. To me it's just a personal photo journal of whatever I'm thinking about that day. Maybe eventually it'll encapsulate a bit more than that, but for now, I like the selfishness of it just being about me and my thoughts; I don't really care if it makes me look popular or pretty, I just like noting things.

So every now and then I thought it'd be nice to note a few pictures from the past week and / or month, to share with folks who may not use it.

First photo — doom + gloom! The first few days of October were a bit somber, and even though Joaquin didn't end up hitting the east coast, (thank goodness) we did get a bit of rain over the weekend. I liked it. It was nice to make the transition into October with such fitting scenery.

The yellow tree. I love that tree. The photo itself is actually a latergram from last October that I posted this past week when I noticed the leaves were starting to change. It won't look like that again for another week or two most likely, but it's one of my favorite trees. (And as you can tell, we have a lot of them.)

Marble sky. The third photo was taken earlier today. The sky has been absolutely stunning for the past three days, and I was tempted to post several pictures of it, but limited myself to two.

Which brings me to the last one — that pretty blue! I took that photo yesterday, standing underneath a giant buckeye tree in my driveway. Fabulous. It'd be nice if the weather could stay like this till December, but that's a pipe dream I won't bother hoping for. (It's nice for now, anyway.)