Saturday, September 12, 2015


Before I say anything, let me just first state that I don't work for Oriental Trading, so anything I say here is entirely my opinion, and my opinion only. That being said, if Oriental Trading would ever like to pay me for blogging about them, then they are more than welcome to. *wink*

Peanuts! I love Peanuts. Charles Schulz is a big inspiration for me, and like a lot of people, his comics and specials were a big part of my childhood. So much so, that no matter how old I get, it still doesn't feel like the holidays without watching one of them. It'll remain a tradition for me that I'll someday happily pass along to my own children.

I also really love Halloween, (which at this point is probably not a shock) and Oriental Trading has some of the BEST selection of Halloween stuff that you'll find. If you've never checked out the Halloween section of their website, I highly recommend that you do. Oriental Trading: Halloween.

This year, they've also added over 50 exclusive Peanuts items to their shop, (they're not all Halloween, some are also Thanksgiving and Christmas themed) and I'm completely buzzing over it. So in honor of their majesticness, I thought it'd be fun to put together a wishlist of my favorite items. (Click on the product name to be directed to it's page.) 

1. Peanuts® Halloween Bags 
I really love the design on these, and since they're kinda big, they'd work well for trick -or- treating. This design also comes in a tablecloth that I really like.

2. Peanuts® Halloween Pails
Adorable, and since they're metal, they'll be able to be reused for future Halloweens.

3. Laminated Peanuts® Halloween Tote Bags
Cute! Great for trick -or- treating, and since they're polyester instead of plastic, they'll last a long time, too.

4. Peanuts® Halloween Cupcake Holder
This could obviously work for more than just cupcakes, so it's a great choice. They also offer individual cupcake holders, and Peanuts cupcake baking cups for a really great price.

5. Peanuts® Halloween Character Picks
Even more cupcake goodness! Along with the holder listed above, and the mentioned individual holders and cupcake baking cups, they also offer these really cute character decorations.

6. Peanuts® Dinner Plates / Peanuts® Dessert Plates
The dinner plates are the ones that feature Linus + Sally sitting in the pumpkin patch, and the dessert plates are the 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!' logo. They also offer matching napkins.

Click here to see what else is offered in the Peanuts section of!