Sunday, September 27, 2015


I've been working on fall decorating this past week, and since October starts Thursday, I'll soon be putting out the Halloween stuff as well.

That means it's time for a soundtrack! A fall soundtrack, that is. (I've also been working on a Halloween one that I'll link to soon.) A rule I usually go by when making a playlist is to only choose 1 song per band — but in this case, I'm going to break that rule, because a few of these bands are just too perfect for the theme to limit them to one.

What's on my list... 

Scars — Leave Me In Autumn (1981)
In my YouTube playlist I used the album version since it has better sound, but here I'll post a live version that was recorded on the Old Grey Whistle Test. Scars were an amazing band that sadly only lasted one album, but it's one of my favorite albums ever, and no matter how often I hear it, I never tire of it. They really had something special.

Japan — Halloween (1979)
I love Japan, and David Sylvian is one of my all time favorite musicians — so they'll probably be noted a lot on this blog; Halloween is a perfect song for this time of year.

The Damned — Grimly Fiendish (1985)
The Damned actually have quite a few songs that fit this theme, so I'll be sneaking another one in later — but Grimly Fiendish is without a doubt perfect for a Halloween playlist.  

The Phantom Chords — Born to Be Wicked (1990)
Speaking of The Damned... after they temporarily broke up in 1989, Dave Vanian formed The Phantom Chords with Damned guitarist Roman Jugg, and drummer Bryn Merrick. They recorded an album that was sadly never released, but has luckily ended up on YouTube through bootleg copies. (Bless whoever uploaded them.) This isn't great quality, but who cares — it's awesome. 

Echo & the Bunnymen — People Are Strange (1987) 
This is obviously a cover, (originally by The Doors) but I'm choosing this version because I initially discovered it through The Lost Boys, and like it a wee bit more than the original. 

The Cure — Lullaby (1989) 
Is there anything about this song or video that isn't awesome?! No, that's right, there isn't. Perfect choice. *double thumbs up* A++ 

Peter Murphy — Cuts You Up (1990)
Peter has many brilliant songs, but this is one of his standout tracks for me; it's just beautiful, and fits this time of year so well. 

Creedence Clearwater Revival — I Put A Spell On You (1968)
There have been many covers of this song, (which was originally written and performed by Screamin' Jay Hawkins in 1956) and while I do actually really like the original, I thought CCR's version fit this list the most. It just has a great feel to it. (The Bette Midler version will be on my Halloween list.) 

Bill Buchanan — Beware (1962)
This is a silly song that I've always really liked. It has that '60s party sound that makes you wanna dance. My only complaint is that I wish it was longer! 

The Specials — Ghost Town (1981) 
It's hard not to like this song, and while it's not actually about ghosts or anything Halloween related, (but rather a social commentary about a dying town) the eeriness of it makes it a fun choice for Halloween. 

The Damned — Shadow of Love (1985) 
I told you The Damned would pop back up again! This is one of the first songs I ever heard by them when I was a young teen, and I pretty much became an instant fan. Couldn't love it more than I do.

Lung Overcoat — Past Lives (1983)
What a band name, huh? I've always thought this was a good choice for a Halloween party, just has the perfect vibe for that. 

The Cure — A Strange Day (1982)
You could argue that just about any of the Cure's early songs would fit on a Halloween / Fall playlist, and you would be correct every time! There were lots of choices, but I decided to go with this one because I don't hear it too often.

Will Smith — A Nightmare On My Street (1988)
You won't find too much rap / hip hop on my playlists, but this one is an obvious win.

Michael Jackson — Thriller (1983)
Kind of a must track, right? I love Michael Jackson, so the fact that this gets played every Halloween and probably will for the rest of time is A-OK with me. (I'll have the video version on the Halloween playlist, but just the album version here.)

Japan — Ghosts (1982) 
Another one from Japan, (because they're amazing) which happens to be one of my most favorite songs, ever. They were in top form here. 

HIM — Sleepwalking Past Hope (2007)
To end things on a beautiful note, this song by HIM has always been a favorite of mine. It's melodic and melancholy, which is what they do best.