Monday, August 3, 2015


I know it's still summer, and I really shouldn't be talking about autumn yet, but I have fall fever and can't help myself. 50 days!

Photo from my porch, last October.

As you could undoubtedly tell from my last post, I kinda like this time of year. Beginning the countdown to fall is a special thing for me, and I like to start it a bit early because autumn feels so short in comparison to all the other seasons; it may not end till late December, but December 1st isn't autumn anymore, it's Christmas. (And don't even get me started on those people who put up a tree the day after Halloween... I love Christmas too, but come on.) So designating August as, "pre-autumn" is just another way for a fall enthusiast like myself to enjoy the season a little bit longer.

I do have some sense though, I won't be decorating or putting anything fall related out till next month. So for now, back to summer!