Sunday, November 1, 2015

27 / 28

Happy Birthday to me! Another cool thing about Halloween is that when it's over, it's my birthday. As a kid, that's pure awesome — you go from getting a big bag of candy, straight into birthday cake, which ends in a two day sugar bender. (Not literally, of course, but just about!) Can't say I have anything profound to say about turning 28, it doesn't feel any different from 27 yet — but since it's literally just happened, that's to be expected. (I'll slap a 'to be continued...' on this.) 

I just felt like noting it in general because celebrating birthday's isn't really my forte — in fact, I haven't actually celebrated a birthday in 16 years now. My 12th birthday was officially my last "celebrated" one, and from 13 to now, I haven't done a thing for it. The reasons for why are quite personal and deep, so I won't bother getting into that — but I will say that 25 was the first year that I really started to feel like, "me" (if that makes any sense) and since then I've slowly crept back to the idea of actually celebrating. I still won't until 30, because 1) going all these years without doing it, I've grown comfortable with keeping it that way, (not even claiming that's a good thing, it's just what it is) and 2) I'm not really a fuss kind of person; I don't really need a lot of attention, so I feel like openly celebrating certain ones, or "the big ones" is good enough for me. I guess that gives me 2 years to plan something! (Yet another, 'to be continued...'.) 



Whelp, October is officially over. How sad. It's my favorite month of the year, so I do miss it when it's over, and I always feel like it went by waay too fast, but I do also really love November and all the holidays coming up —so! Let me just say goodbye to October properly and move on.

These were all actually taken on Halloween, starting with the first one which was taken just a wee bit before midnight, and ending with the last one that was taken just a wee bit after midnight... OK, I guess they weren't all "technically" taken on Halloween, but close enough! 

The first one is of my little pumpkin shrine that I lit up just before midnight to ring in the holiday. The second one is my costume from this year, which was an unintentionally sad skeleton. (I look very Tim Burton, I think.) The third is of my favorite tree from the season, it's been super orange — so orange that my camera couldn't really even do it justice. It's just stunning. And! the last one is of some Halloween / birthday cupcakes that I got shortly after midnight. 

I could have picked a lot more photos than this, but I feel like these were enough to illustrate the past two weeks; it was basically a lot of Halloween craziness that I enjoyed every second of. 

Here's to November. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015


WOO! ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween begins tomorrow at 1:30 PM, so I thought I'd post a link to the blog I wrote about the schedule in case anyone needs it. You can view it here: 13 Nights of Halloween 2015 Lineup.

Also! Here's a link to my Halloween music playlist: Halloween Music 2015

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Almost forgot to post this, whoops. A day late is better than never! I think I may switch to once or twice a month after October so I don't forget again. (Life is hectic.) 

First photo — a little Halloween! I sat out a few of my favorite pumpkins, and a few little decorations to brighten up my workspace a bit.

The good weather we had last week luckily carried over into this week as well — sunshine for days! It's starting to get colder now, but I don't really mind that. Any reason to wear a sweater is a good reason in my book.

Carpe diem! w/ fries. I indulged a bit on Sunday and went crazy with french fries. #partyhard

Bookhou! Another Bookhou item to mention. My friend Ashley gave me this bag for my birthday two years ago, and I haven't used another bag since. It's my absolute favorite. ♥ ♥

The Halloween Tree is one of my all time favorite books, and I've had a weird urge to read it lately, so I checked out a local library copy. (I have no idea why I don't own it. I'll have to fix that.)

Skeleton latergram. I posted this on Tuesday, but it's actually a latergram from Halloween 2010. It was late at night and most of my makeup had faded / been rubbed off; I loved doing that makeup. I'll definitely do a skeleton costume again someday.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I really love Instagram. It's the only social media I currently care about, and probably will be for quite some time. I like that it's simple and straightforward — there's nothing complicated or cluttered about it, which is really nice in comparison to how tiring I find Facebook to be. I'm not one of those really awesome Instagrammer's who consistently takes beautiful photos, (with seemingly perfect lives behind them) but I do my best. To me it's just a personal photo journal of whatever I'm thinking about that day. Maybe eventually it'll encapsulate a bit more than that, but for now, I like the selfishness of it just being about me and my thoughts; I don't really care if it makes me look popular or pretty, I just like noting things.

So every now and then I thought it'd be nice to note a few pictures from the past week and / or month, to share with folks who may not use it.

First photo — doom + gloom! The first few days of October were a bit somber, and even though Joaquin didn't end up hitting the east coast, (thank goodness) we did get a bit of rain over the weekend. I liked it. It was nice to make the transition into October with such fitting scenery.

The yellow tree. I love that tree. The photo itself is actually a latergram from last October that I posted this past week when I noticed the leaves were starting to change. It won't look like that again for another week or two most likely, but it's one of my favorite trees. (And as you can tell, we have a lot of them.)

Marble sky. The third photo was taken earlier today. The sky has been absolutely stunning for the past three days, and I was tempted to post several pictures of it, but limited myself to two.

Which brings me to the last one — that pretty blue! I took that photo yesterday, standing underneath a giant buckeye tree in my driveway. Fabulous. It'd be nice if the weather could stay like this till December, but that's a pipe dream I won't bother hoping for. (It's nice for now, anyway.) 

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Yay! The best month of the year has arrived. The Halloween countdown has officially begun, and the weather has been increasingly gloomy for the past few days, setting the perfect atmosphere for decorating.

Vintage 1957 October Calendar, love!
To be honest, it may be a little too gloomy, seeing as Joaquin is about to make his grand entrance on the east coast this weekend. I don't think we're going to be affected by it too much where I am, (save for some rain) but the other side of Virginia looks like it's in for a bad time. I really hope not, though. There are several places in VA that have been dealing with flooding issues already, so the timing for heavy rain couldn't be worse. We'll just have to wait and see how it plays out over the next three or four days.

Plz be kind, Leaf.
I don't know who originally made this, but just about everybody and their mother has been reposting it on Instagram and Twitter, so I couldn't resist to follow suit. Kudos to the original artist. (If you know who they are, email me!) 

Everyone keeps talking about how this is mimicking Hurricane Sandy, which happened in 2012. It struck a lot of places hard — namely New York and New Jersey, which are nervous about getting hit again by Joaquin. Sandy was strange though... it was basically the end of October, and since I'm pretty far inland, we normally just get rain out of those storms, so that's what we expected to deal with. Much to our surprise, though, we got an early winter! It was cold, and all that rain turned into snow, giving us a white Halloween. We had to cancel pretty much everything — including trick-or-treat, which sucked for the kids. I'm not complaining about it mind you, that's certainly no big deal in comparison to going through a horrible storm like a lot of people did, but it was an odd experience. (I had a jack-o-lantern on the porch, so I put a scarf and hat on it to adapt to the theme.) I don't think that'll be happening again this year since it's too early in October to be that cold, but hopefully whatever does happen won't be so bad and Joaquin will leave everybody alone.

Anyhoo, enough about the weather — it's October! So many exciting things to do and talk about. I'll be posting a lot of stuff here, but you can also keep up with my Halloween madness by following and / or taking a gander at my Instagram.

Here's to an awesome month!

Sunday, September 27, 2015


I've been working on fall decorating this past week, and since October starts Thursday, I'll soon be putting out the Halloween stuff as well.

That means it's time for a soundtrack! A fall soundtrack, that is. (I've also been working on a Halloween one that I'll link to soon.) A rule I usually go by when making a playlist is to only choose 1 song per band — but in this case, I'm going to break that rule, because a few of these bands are just too perfect for the theme to limit them to one.

What's on my list... 

Scars — Leave Me In Autumn (1981)
In my YouTube playlist I used the album version since it has better sound, but here I'll post a live version that was recorded on the Old Grey Whistle Test. Scars were an amazing band that sadly only lasted one album, but it's one of my favorite albums ever, and no matter how often I hear it, I never tire of it. They really had something special.

Japan — Halloween (1979)
I love Japan, and David Sylvian is one of my all time favorite musicians — so they'll probably be noted a lot on this blog; Halloween is a perfect song for this time of year.

The Damned — Grimly Fiendish (1985)
The Damned actually have quite a few songs that fit this theme, so I'll be sneaking another one in later — but Grimly Fiendish is without a doubt perfect for a Halloween playlist.  

The Phantom Chords — Born to Be Wicked (1990)
Speaking of The Damned... after they temporarily broke up in 1989, Dave Vanian formed The Phantom Chords with Damned guitarist Roman Jugg, and drummer Bryn Merrick. They recorded an album that was sadly never released, but has luckily ended up on YouTube through bootleg copies. (Bless whoever uploaded them.) This isn't great quality, but who cares — it's awesome. 

Echo & the Bunnymen — People Are Strange (1987) 
This is obviously a cover, (originally by The Doors) but I'm choosing this version because I initially discovered it through The Lost Boys, and like it a wee bit more than the original. 

The Cure — Lullaby (1989) 
Is there anything about this song or video that isn't awesome?! No, that's right, there isn't. Perfect choice. *double thumbs up* A++ 

Peter Murphy — Cuts You Up (1990)
Peter has many brilliant songs, but this is one of his standout tracks for me; it's just beautiful, and fits this time of year so well. 

Creedence Clearwater Revival — I Put A Spell On You (1968)
There have been many covers of this song, (which was originally written and performed by Screamin' Jay Hawkins in 1956) and while I do actually really like the original, I thought CCR's version fit this list the most. It just has a great feel to it. (The Bette Midler version will be on my Halloween list.) 

Bill Buchanan — Beware (1962)
This is a silly song that I've always really liked. It has that '60s party sound that makes you wanna dance. My only complaint is that I wish it was longer! 

The Specials — Ghost Town (1981) 
It's hard not to like this song, and while it's not actually about ghosts or anything Halloween related, (but rather a social commentary about a dying town) the eeriness of it makes it a fun choice for Halloween. 

The Damned — Shadow of Love (1985) 
I told you The Damned would pop back up again! This is one of the first songs I ever heard by them when I was a young teen, and I pretty much became an instant fan. Couldn't love it more than I do.

Lung Overcoat — Past Lives (1983)
What a band name, huh? I've always thought this was a good choice for a Halloween party, just has the perfect vibe for that. 

The Cure — A Strange Day (1982)
You could argue that just about any of the Cure's early songs would fit on a Halloween / Fall playlist, and you would be correct every time! There were lots of choices, but I decided to go with this one because I don't hear it too often.

Will Smith — A Nightmare On My Street (1988)
You won't find too much rap / hip hop on my playlists, but this one is an obvious win.

Michael Jackson — Thriller (1983)
Kind of a must track, right? I love Michael Jackson, so the fact that this gets played every Halloween and probably will for the rest of time is A-OK with me. (I'll have the video version on the Halloween playlist, but just the album version here.)

Japan — Ghosts (1982) 
Another one from Japan, (because they're amazing) which happens to be one of my most favorite songs, ever. They were in top form here. 

HIM — Sleepwalking Past Hope (2007)
To end things on a beautiful note, this song by HIM has always been a favorite of mine. It's melodic and melancholy, which is what they do best.